tpflug [tobi, human, engineer]

About Me

Hey, my name is Tobi! Nice to meet you 👋

me enjoying coffee trying to look smrat

I live in South Germany together with my wonderful family and for the past 14+ years I have been working as a Software Engineer and Consultant in the IT industry.

Tools & Technologies

Over the years I have worked with a wide range of tools and technologies:

  • Functional Programming (Haskell and friends)
  • Nix/NixOS & Immutable Infrastructure
  • CI/CD (Docker, AWS, GCE, Jenkins, …)
  • Frontend Development (JS)
  • Microservices
  • Lots of Shell Scripts
  • Embedded C / Assembler
  • GUI Toolkits (Qt/C++)
  • Enterprise Java (Spring and friends)

Experience Beyond Code

The act of writing code is only part of the job. With every passing year of experience other aspects have been sliding more into my focus during work:

  • Leading: I enjoy leading teams to help them reach their goals and I believe in the philosophy of servant leadership.
  • Hiring: Nobody gets hiring quite right, but many get it very wrong. I have put a lot of thought and energy into this and talked to people to figure out which pitfalls to avoid and what to strive for in hiring.
  • Mentoring: During my time at HolidayCheck I co-created and lead the HolidayCheck Apprenticeship Program. On-boarding and continued mentoring of employees is as rewarding to the individual as it is beneficial to the company, and I wish more companies would embrace the apprenticeship model.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: I’m a people person. I love working with people, supporting individuals or whole teams. Over the years I have learned to identify problems and ask the right questions (spoiler: Mostly the problems aren’t technical ones).
  • Knowledge Sharing: Wherever I work, I try to foster a culture of knowledge sharing. This ranges from regular on-line pairing/programming or lightning talk sessions to organizing team off-site events that focus on a specific topic.

Things I Care About At Work

At the end of the day all of the above are just tools, and tomorrow I might have to learn a new one. What I care about in my professional work beyond just tools is:

What Else?

Some other things worth mentioning about myself

  • I enjoy facilitating events (for example NixCon 2018).
  • I am the organizer of BusConf - A FP oriented OpenSpace conference.
  • I occasionally speak at conferences (haskellX 2019: Nix workshop).
  • I’ve helped out in the haskellX program committee which was a really nice experience.
  • You can have a look at my CV if you want to.

What I can help you with

There are several ways in which I can help you out. I can ..

  • write code for you in various languages and also quickly learn new ones.
  • mentor Engineers and help you to bootstrap mentorship programs
  • help you to foster a mindset around quality and testing
  • organize events/(un-)conferences remote and on-site
  • help you with hiring and interviewing Engineers
  • run workshops on FP, Nix and other topics.

Sounds interesting? Great, let’s talk!

How To Reach Me

  • You can find me on twitter as @tpflug
  • On GitHub i’m gilligan
  • Via E-Mail at